Our Photographers.
Our photographers are chosen based on talent and commitment. Please consider them for your photographic needs.

Jarreau Cross

A big kid at heart, Jarreau has a blast photographing children, families, fashion, business headshots and weddings all over the country and abroad for over the past twenty years. In the process, he has helped build Mugsyclicks with mother and founder, Linda Russell. Over the years he has photographed thousands and thousands of child portraits. If there’s one thing he knows, it's how to make you smile.


Janet Sanchez

Janet is a Bay Area native living among the rolling hills of Marin. When she is not spending her day with her beautiful baby girl, Janet is sharing her positive spirit with her clients and photographing hundreds of children every week as one of our veteran photographers. With a keen eye for the perfect moment, Janet's photographs not only enhance self-confidence but also become cherished memories for families to treasure for years to come.


Victoria Garcia

Victoria can connect with people of all ages. Her talent shines through in the way she captures the unique essence of each age group, from the innocence of infants to the independence of high schoolers. It's her genuine passion for the craft and the happy faces of her clients that fuel her creativity and dedication, making every photo session a memorable experience.


Lawrence Lauterborn

Larry has traveled the world photographing celebrities and events. Working as personal photographer to the Dalai Lama for 12 years taught him the wisdom and compassion necessary to photograph a school filled with energetic students. His sense of humor and “get it done” attitude make him popular with administrators and kids alike.


Nicole Schlaeppi

Based in San Francisco, CA, Nicole travels regularly for Fashion, Commercial, and Portrait Photography. She focuses on the intersection of reality and make-believe to create fantastical images that express confidence and vulnerability. She is inspired by feminine strength, unique beauty, and radiant light. Nicole absolutely loves her job, helping others find their confidence and beauty through captivating imagery is what drives her each day.


Aaron Jones

Aaron is a dedicated family photographer fueled by a passion for preserving life's intricate tapestry. With years of experience and a lifelong love for photography, he blends professionalism and enthusiasm. As an artist and a father to two precious girls, Aaron freezes fleeting yet invaluable moments, allowing families to cherish them for years. With a portfolio of diverse families across the San Francisco Bay area, Aaron is thrilled to collaborate with you and craft your family’s unique narrative.


Julie Horn

Julie grew up surrounded by artists and it is that sensibility that fosters her love of portraiture. Her skills, eye and large heart all contribute to her lovely child and family portraits. Julie is delighted to represent MugsyClicks in Orange County, CA.


Mary Okner

In the magical world of Mary Bea Photography, every click of the camera is a treasure hunt for life's most special moments. Through her lens, Mary paints vibrant pictures of laughter, love, and the beauty found in everyday connections. Let's celebrate these fleeting moments together!


Eunice Ndegwa

Eunice is a passionate lifestyle photographer. She loves photographing school photo days, families, events, and newborn photography. She developed her love of photography growing up in Kenya when she would have local photographers come and take pictures of her family when she was young. Eunice is a mother of two daughters living in beautiful Sonoma County where the rolling hills, redwoods, oaks, and wineries make each session a work of art. She looks forward to capturing memories of you and your family!


Rose Freedman

As a fourth-generation Californian, Rose has cultivated a deep appreciation for the natural beauty of the Bay Area. Her journey into photography was ignited by a passion for film, which she has seamlessly woven into her work. Transitioning from motherhood to a dedicated photographer, Rose has honed her ability to capture authentic, candid family moments. With years of experience, she brings a keen eye for detail and a commitment to preserving genuine connections. Each frame is a testament to her love for clean, natural, and timeless photography.


Alvaro Batista

Originally from Panama, he has a love for photography, particularly focusing on people and events. His attention to detail and storytelling ability allows him to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. When he’s not capturing life through his lens, Alvaro enjoys spending quality time with his twin daughters. He also shares his passion for Cuban salsa dancing by teaching it in the Bay Area. It’s clear that whether behind the camera or on the dance floor, Alvaro brings his unique flair and enthusiasm to everything he does.


Bianca Jo Schneider

I am your Orange County Family Photographer. 3 reasons why I love what I do: 1. Watching my clients become relaxed and joyful during their sessions. 2. Seeing their faces light up when they see their images 3. Clients walk away with tangible products of their session that will be treasured and handed down as heirlooms.