Grow Your Own Business!

Let MugsyClicks help you grow your photography vision.
School photography is the perfect addition to a talented photographer’s yearly revenue stream.
We provide the training, marketing and backend support necessary for you to succeed.


MugsyClicks only accepts accomplished photographers into our training program. We have
built a reputation for excellence. This commitment to quality requires a standard that each of
our team must meet. If you are serious about growing your portrait business, if you are
dedicated to being the best photographer in your community, we invite you apply to be
accepted into our training program.

This educational opportunity is open to photographers by application acceptance only. If you
are interested in participating please complete and submit your application here.

Create Beautiful Portraits

Our photographers love photography, kids and making a difference.
We support them in that dream.

A Complete System For Success

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Knowledge & Certification
Our training program provides everything you need to know to perform at your peak in the lucrative school market. We know you are a great photographer, but our training will make you a great SCHOOL photographer.
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Marketing & Sales Support
Utilizing our award winning marketing materials and dedicated HQ team we will partner with you to present and contract with schools in your area. We will help you pinpoint the best clients and most lucrative relationships.
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Lead Generation
We help develop school leads as well as provide family portrait opportunities in your area.
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Superior Photo Products
MugsyClicks only offers the best. Our service is excellent and fast, our prints are quality and designs are hip. Parents and kids LOVE US!
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MugsyClicks was build from a vision. Our cloud-based platform is not just a well designed shopping cart it is an administration tool that provides the system required to manage the image, data and sales information necessary to deliver excellent service.
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Customer Support Team
MugsyClicks support team has your back. Our school account and customer service team handle all production related calls and emails so you can focus entirely on the photographic experience.
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Promote YOUR Photography
We know you are amazing at your craft and at MugsyClicks you are celebrated. We offer many marketing opportunities to help you get your personal work in front of hundreds of families.
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Social Network of Creatives
We know being a photographer can sometimes feel isolating. The Mugsyclicks culture is one of collaboration and mutual support. We share, we laugh and we always cheer each other’s success!

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