MugsyClicks only accepts accomplished photographers into our training program. We have
built a reputation for excellence. This commitment to quality requires a standard that each of
our team must meet. If you are serious about growing your portrait business, if you are
dedicated to being the best photographer in your community, we invite you apply to be
accepted into our training program.

This educational opportunity is open to photographers by application acceptance only. If you
are interested in participating please complete and submit your application here.

Employment History
Provide breakdown by percentage of type of photography you do.
Who are your main clients?
List editorial clients/ books published or major magazine articles:
Number of weddings you have shot/number shot over the last year/number booked into the future:
Types of equipment you use to shoot portraits and weddings (list cameras, lenses, lighting, medium format etc.):
Name/phone/date of 5 clients whose portraits or weddings you recently shot that we can reference:
Name/phone of 5 photographers/industry professionals that we can reference:
What form of portfolio do you have to show clients (number of images, format of presentation)?
Have you ever photographed in schools? If so, please tell us a bit about your experience.
Please share your 2 year, 3 year and 5 year plan regarding growing your photography business and how MugsyClicks might fit in that plan? (Please be specific in regards to revenue goals)
Why would you like to work with MugsyClicks?